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spooks time to die sound and editing

November 29, 2011

looking into analysing videos for media tvdrama work.. looking at sound and editing.

Editing – used shot reverse shot on terrorists maybe to highlight suspence of whats happening. Cut away to car speeding with small amount of paralel edit of car going fast and terrorists at the same time to build suspense and intensity of whats going on. More paralel editing with the man in the car speaking to headquaters. Cut aways fast and vigorous to show a rush. Eye line match also used to show the emotions of terrorists, spooks men and victim with shot reverse shot. Shot reverse shot also used in the conversation with eyeline match to the victim and terrorists to highlight fear and the build up of something going to happen to the victim. Point of veiw shot used to set up the scene, jump cuts and paralel editing used with fast build up with terrorists and the spooks team that has came to rescue the victim. Very fast and rapid editing used when caught the terrorists, maybe edited with handheld camera to add to the realism of it, as if it was happening to the audience. Shot reverse shot when they saved the victim to show victory and emotion with relief. Slow editing at the end to add to the fact that the drama is all over for the victim.

Sound – Voice on the phone enthasized as an order to the terrorists. The cars noises/speeding sounds shows a rush and a sence of time. Conversation with headquaters cannot see a phone or hands free this is diegetic and asynchronous sound. Speeding sound enthasized building suspense and the action that is coming. Dieagetic due to the fact they use a point of view shot to show the speeding car. Non dieagetic sound to highlight atmosphere with the terrorists enthasized car scretching to a holt to show action is due. Non diegetic sound on spooks team heading in showing somethings going to happen soon. Asynchronous with the terrorists phone when his about to execute his victim, this is also highlighted by the sound aswell creating tension. Synchronous on phone when it shows each character when talking on the phone. Non diegetic used on sounds of the terrorists rushing out of the house with use of stings in the non diegetic sounds used to highlight the action that is happening.  Non diegetic when saved the victim but with very calm music not busy sounds to maybe show victory and relief from the victim.


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