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representation of age.

November 2, 2011

Toy boy episode 1 This series is about young people growing up in East London, it is meant to be a very grimey, grunge real life account of apparently what happens in everyday life in London. In the interveiw with the two older main characters they say that no one has done this type of thing but in my own opinion i think they are wrong, kidulthood and adulthood have both covered this type of genre this is just a different story into it but with the same characteristics.

It shows the enthasis on two little boys no older than  thirteen then it shows two twenty year olds. There is two seperate stories with both groups of boys that come together to mix the story. The younger boys finding it hard living in such a built up estate, no money, poor as can be in this enviroment. It shows that one of the boys mums has a mental problem and has to get admitted into hosptial to get better. The boy loves his mother very much and said he would keep out of trouble just for her, now she is hospitalized and gone  his left on his own abandonned and left to fend for himself ( pretty much anyway, one of his mums friends does vistit him) he bumps into the other two guys that offer him a job with fetching and carrying drugs for them. This is where the ‘real life’ comes in, the only type of job that is made to seem in this area is a job in drugs if you want to make something of yourself then you have to be in on the job.

I find giving this veiw from the medias point of veiw very hard to swallow because this is meant to be a true account of young people,  drugs are bad but why is there such a heavy enthasis on young people and drugs. I am aware its become more and more into being a knowledgable normal thing, but drugs are not like a beer down the pub or a cigerettte, it comes with the idea of gangs, stabbings, shootings, stealing their stash and even killing innocent people. I think the line between not being a good normal thing shouldnt be blured, i am aware this may be true account for many people that live in London but for the rest of England like the countryside places, this is quite horrific and shocking. Top boy is the idea that these two twenty year olds want to become buisness partners with some of the biggest drug dealers so they are not poor and scrounging anymore but i think they have bitten off alot more than what they can chew. The fact is its like theyv almost become part of the mafia to do this drugs job and trying to get involved the little thirteen year old kids. I mean i know this happens but personally i dont see this as entertainment, sitting around a grubby little crack den giving drugs to drug runners collecting up the cash.  I think society is discusting and that people in this type of way need help. This is only thurther support that society is collapsing and their all turning into animals.

As an account or media veiw of young people i think they have definetly tarnished people with the wrong brush but alot of young people will watch this and look up to it. Seriously will take this as a base for how they are meant to act and be to be a gangsta. Personally i dont think it is right.


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