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Doctor who ‘Hi honey, I’m home!’. Tv drama analyzed.

October 27, 2011


Camera shots –

The camera shots seemed to be quite fast moving and very quick paced for a 2 mins clip. The Shots that are used was all relevent in dialect to the show, showing the veiwer exactly what they need to see in the clip and that the faster the pace the more the emotion and intensity was in the shot. A Genre of Sci-fi tends to ushually be quite fast paced and quick because science fiction is meant to be technology based or fantasy with the story line thats going on to make it feel real its made more intensly.

Long shot – Doctor trying to get the satalite dish.

Knee shot – Doctor trying to get satalite dish.

Long shot – His got satalite dish.

Over the shoulder – When he jumps onto the roof.

Mid shot – him explaining whats going on to Amy and Rory.

Mid shot – Amy and Rory with the Doctor looking at him while his explaining.

Mid shot – on Doctor pointing in the sky.

Extreme long shot – on tardis in the sky them looking at it.

Mid shot – Amy and Rory worried about the doctor.

Mid shot – Back to the doctor with the satalite dish.

Extreme long shot – The doctor using his screwdriver to see if he can pick up noise from Tardis.

Long shot – Amy and Rory in the background with the doctor in the same frame, showing his facial expression & him holding a satalite.

Mid shot – Amy and Rory standing there.

Long shot – Amy and Rory in the background with the doctor close up.

Mid shot – Amy and Rory.

Over the shoulder – Amy and Rory.

Long shot- The doctor, Amy and Rory all looking up into the sky.

Mid shot – back to Amy and Rory, Amy looks worried due to the voice of River coming from the tardis.

Long shot – Amy and Rory in the background with the Doctor close up.

Zooms in on same shot to an eye level shot of the doctor.

Over the shoulder – Doctor looking in the sky realising River song is up there.

Cutaway to River in the Tardis.

Mid shot -on her putting wires if the tardis together.

Point of veiw shot – Close up of her turning a leaver.

Close up – on her face with sparks in the background.

Long shot – On the tardis main center and river running away from it.

Following shot on River running to the Door.

Point of veiw shot at the doors of the Tardis.

Over the shoulder – of river with the doors open.

Close up- on her face when she says im sorry my love.

Point of veiw – as she looks at the explosion.

cutaway to river in the tardis.

Mid shot – of her putting wires on the tardis together.

Point of veiw – close up of her turning a leaver.

Closeup – of her face with sparks in the background.

Longshot – on the tardis main center and river running away from it.

Following shot of River running to the door.

Closeup on River opening door out looking in veiw.

Zoom in on over the shoulders shot of her in the doors.

Close up on her ‘Im sorry my love’.

Point of veiw – as she looks at the explosion.

Cut away to river in the tardis.

Mid shot of her putting wires on the tardis together.

Point of veiw shot close up of her turning the leaver.

close up on her face with sparks in the background.

Longshot on the Tardis main center and River running away from it.

Following shot of river running to the door.

Mid shot of the doctor teleported , zooms into a close up of his face. ‘Hi honey, im home’.

Mid shot – Rivers face zooms into her facial expressions. ‘What sort of time do you call this’.

Explosion in background then fades out.

Camera movement –

Lots of tracking shots to show the actors point of veiw with whats going on in the scene, used with quite  a few zoom shots to show intensity on whats happening to highten the emotions of what is going on in the scene. Shot reverse shot used on roof to show perspective on conversation, slow crab shots on Amy and Rory maybe to show the veiwer how to veiw them because they are bellow the doctor. Close ups only used to intensify the action of the emotions in the scene from the actors because it was quite quick paced the close ups was only for a few seconds the biggest enthasis was on the Doctor when he realised that that was his Tardis that was blowing up which everyone else thought was the sun.

Camera Angles –

High angles used on the roof looking down on the doctor, Amy & Rory. Eye level with Amy and Rory might be to show them as normal people to have them at a mediocre level to the doctor to show contrasts between the two and exactly how different they are to eachother,  showing the doctor at a high angle maybe to show power or leadership. Long shot used alot to show backgrounds due to the significance of them in the scenes, with sci-fi genre its expected to see hi-tech scientific objects, like looking in the sky is something related to sci fi and showing alot of the background in the Tardis shows enormosity of the Tardis and how much of a big role it plays in the show. The camera angles didnt change as often as the camera shots. Angles are used to show the veiwer how they should be veiwing what they are watching so therefore putting the doctor in a higher possition shows the veiwer that he is the key point in the show.

Mise on scene –

Props that are used are inanimate objects (lifeless) but they are used by the actor in the scene, the satalite dish was a prop to hear the Tardis to see Weither he could hear it better with the dish. Sonic screw driver was used as a prop because he used it to show him the sounds coming from the Tardis what everyone else thought was the sun. The wires in the Tardis used by River and the Leaver she pulled and even when she opened up the doors are all props. These orops are all part of the genre signifiers that is used to show exactly to the audience that this scene has got in it what it should have in it to call it a Sci-fi. This shows depth and balance in what the audience should percieve from the show.

Costume and Figure performance-

Amy – Looks middle class, not too scruffy her language that is used is quite well spoken for someone of her age catagory. Her clothes are very bland and quite drab in colours none of them are out spoken, she looks quite tidy appart from her red scarf they have given her to match her hair colour. She does seem very worried and concerned to whats going on with questioning everything. She doesnt seem as bold as the other characters, like she is very unexperienced and relys alot more on the stronger characters. Her speech pattern was that she was very unsure of herself very fast and nervous like, which is very unlike the other three actors in the scene.

Rory – In security gaurd uniform doesnt look scruffy, looks quite smart and well presented the way that he is seems very to the point, very logical and precise with what he says. He speaks not so often as Amy and the Doctor but when he speaks it sounds like its planned out to what that he is going to say. He moves quite robotic like, he seems to not move very flowing or panicy more like giving orders and carrying them out. His speech patterns seemed very robiotic like as if he was doing as he is told.

Doctor – Smart with clothes and jacket and bow tie, looks very prim and proper. Upper class type of guy with how that he is dressed. His hat that he is wearing seems playful. The doctor is very logical and factisious, certain with what he is saying and appears to have a wide knowledge of everything and anything and knows exactly whats going on.Very bold with fast movements adds meaning and depth to the show, the scene is all about him because its about his Tardis and River being trapped inside so his got to save her. His facial expressions that he uses are quite strong the doctor always appears to feel quite strongly to whatever his doing. His body language is confident and cocky with fast speach and very to the point wityh what he is saying, complicated words back up the idea that he has knowledge.

River – Quite smartly dressed in very neutral colours, she looks fairly simular in most of the episodes that she plays a part in. Always seems to be quite cool and confident with alot of trust in the Doctor and knowledge that she always manages to work things out and solves the problem. Body language is quite panicy when shes on her own in the Tardis trying to make it work. When she sees the Doctor its like a sigh of relief that he is here to save the day like he always is. Speech patterns with River is completely different to Amy and Rory she has more experience with the Doctor and alot more knowledge than the other two that are seen to be normal.

Sounds –

Sound motif on the tardis is used maybe to signify its importance, epic background music with them on the roof that is non deigetic sound because the character would not be able to hear this. Non-diegetic the sound of tardis because they can hear it. Sycrinous sounds with the exploding and sparking bits in the clip because you can see where the noise is coming from that they have used a sound effect for. Doctor who does tend to use the same sort of sound effects with most of the episodes or shows because they need epic size of importance shows a scale that what your being shown is meant to be veiwed on weither something isnt meant to be so important or weither something is life threatening.

Lighting –

The lighting is very dull with the roof scene, maybe to show more enthasis on the Tardis in the sky burning up. People think its the sun so i imagin that they want you to veiw it as something very bold. Sepia colours on the tops of the buildings almost like highlighting how bright that the sky is in the scene. The Tardis scene is very bright colours in the Tardis to enthisize the technology that is in the Tardis is of future like proportions. Very bright light used with the explosions to maybe show its an intense situation. The ligting is low key balanced on the roof top scene on the actors quite dark and dim that something is going to happen, but high key balanced on the ‘sun’ which is actualy the Tardis to obviously make it stand out alot more than in normally would with the contrast of colours.

Composition – I think that its very smooth flowing on the roof  especially when he is explaining to Rory and Amy what is exactly going on with his Tardis, once he realises that he needs to save River then the pace picks up abit and then in the Tardis fast paced to add to the tension that the veiwer needs to create from watching this clip. The tardis scenes are quite busy with alot of wires and thing floating about with alot of explosions, but what i mean as smooth flowing on the roof is that there isnt really that much to distract you from what there conversation is about. The only thing in the scene is the prop the doctor uses which is the satalite. So because its only very busy the composition of the scene makes you feel like the most important thing going on is what they are saying.

Settings- Sci-fi drama, expectations of Doctor who  are very important to this, there is genre signifiers that make Doctor who what it is and that classifys it from Sci-fi and Fantasy and makes them both, The sonic screw driver adds to the genre signifiers, how the doctor acts and his knowledge being so far streched. Knowledge of different galaxys and time frames because his a time lord after all so his meant to know pretty much the whole history of the world and everything that happens in it, his ability to lead people and to save people. The tardis to look confusingly hi-tech, the doctor needs to seem like he is limitless of his abilities as the Doctor.


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