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ageism powerpoint.

October 27, 2011



Representation of age – by Tracey martin, Thomas fallon and Haylee denman.

Sterotyping age in the media – Representation of age.

After gender and ethnicity, age is the most obvious category under which we file people, and there are a whole range of instant judgements which go along with that categorisation.  Age is the easiest way to categorise someone as -other- than yourself, everyone you meet will be, to some extent, older or younger, a different age than you. And with difference  comes … a tendancy to sterotype.

Young and old. Age stereotypical characteristics-

Young – immature, stupid, greedy, lazy, selfish, unfit, obese, violent, callous, gullible, unreliable, careless, self-entitled, never going to achieve anything…

Old – Grumpy, out dated, slow, weak, whining, unable to use technology, unhealthy, miserable, hard of hearing, ugly, never go anywhere…

into details of ageism-  while we’ve come to understand that stereotyping someone according to their gender, or colour of their skin, is unfair and unacceptable, stereotyping according to age (ageism) is still  widespread. Age, like race, is something you can’t change about yourself, but people go the great lengths to disguise how old they really are in order to avoid being the victim of age stereotyping. People dress in deliberately youthful clothes, dye grey hair, lie about their age on the internet dating sites, diet, and even subject themselves to pinful, invasive plastic surgery. It would be horrifying to think that someone took such steps in order to  conceal their true race or gender. Given that aging is inevitable and happens to everyone, why are we in such collective denial about this process..  Look young to be pretty-  Women seem to be particular victims when it comes to snap judgments about age and “age appropriate” behaviours, appearance and attitude, damned if they appear to age, damned if they dont. We criticise mature women for going about as mutton dressed as lamb, and young girls for tarting themselves up as jail bait. Film stars who start to show signs of aging in their columnists  (movie star gets wrinkles.. and her boobs are starting to sag) shocker!! While those who succumb to the surgeons knife are written about with equal distaste. ( movie star cant raise eyebrows and her boobs dont sag which is just as equal of a shocker)

Examples of old age-  Eastenders – Dot cotton is a very good example of this in real life she is 84 years old and  in eastenders she is perceived to be grumpy, pessimistic, often drowning her sorrows with  Sherry and having a “course” voice due to her years of continuous smoking.  She is also very religious which may be a trait of old people.

Examples of young age-  Hollyoaks – Carmel here is your typical dumb blonde, pretty but naive and lacking in common sense. However that is unimportant as by the target audience she is seen as an attractive figure, even a role model possibly. She is beautiful, thin and appears  to look very youthful this is what  the media are trying to bring across to the veiwers of the perception of age is the youthful  is the best way to be in the media..


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