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Sherlock holmes editing

October 11, 2011

comments on sherlock holmes editing.

First scene is action match with soilders fighting, this is done in a montage maybe to show a period of time, then goes to a cutaway with the main character waking up, jump cut to the guy up and about in his home, cut to a gun maybe linked to the main characters dream, eyematch on the guy main in this scene.  Shot reverse shot on two people walking with cut aways because they are in two different places on the phone at the same time, with parallel editing on the station showing them both at a station/transport area this is good parallel editing  then cutaway to people talking at a confrence, eyeline match at a guy in the confrence. Cut away to people in a party, cut away to a girl crying, cut away to meeting with eyelmatch to reporters. shot reverse shot on conversation to show the conversation is going on between these two people and when talking is from their veiwpoint.


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