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Doll house episode 1 series 2

October 6, 2011

Doll house episode 1 series 2

I have tried to explain what shots was used and why they was used in that scene, alot of the time the camera shots are very important because it helps build a scene to how the audience should feel when watching it.

Two shot (which means two characters in frame) the scene is the experiment with the girl in the chair, close ups (which is head and shoulders with not much background ushualy to show emotion on whats happening) on the experiment going wrong. Cut away to a close up of a conversation between two people walking and talking together the editing of different shots is a very fast pace to show the intensity of the conversation, cut away again to mid shots (to show facial expressions to become more familiar with the characters) of a wedding.

The introduction to doll house with a mixture of close ups of characters and long shots ( to show and help the audience understand the characters more and their enviroment.) After the introduction it cuts into two shot with mid shots of two people having a conversation where the experiment took place, close ups on the experiment then shows point of view shot when the rats come out of the cuboard, again the editing of the shots are very fast pace to underline the fear of the male scientist that was scared of them (point of view shows close up of something connected to the character) after this happens there is a close up on the phone conversation with long shots on talking close up during emotions change in conversation. With the change of conversation goes from being close to long maybe to show the audience the distance of the people talking and with the shots show people they are close. The shots help a sence of what realationship the characters have in the show.

Cut away back to the wedding, long shot on couples and background then close up on them together, then there is a cut away to the couple dancing with a close up on them, the camera shots used in this scene is very slow and doesnt have a very fast pace of change, two shot on the couple when it shows  intimate moments, cut away shot to a conversation with close ups on conversation, mid shot with two shots, cut away to two woman with two shots and close ups, flash backs in close up, to mid shot the editing of the shots are very fast at this point. Point of veiw shot on scapel with close ups on emotions, the different shots are used to show intense emotions without the shots being in this way maybe it wouldnt be so easy to pick up on the emotions of the characters, it wouldnt set the scene as much without the different varieties of camera shots used, mid shot and long shot on speach, cut away to point of veiw shot on the tv to mid shot of a different conversation, two shot of tension in conversation with mid shots.


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